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About Us

 Welcome to my new blog. Introduce my name Baim People who know me usually call me Aim. I am native to Indonesia and love to write on blog. The love of writing grew from the first time blogging in 2013. From being unable to write at length, it eventually evolved into a small-time writer and continued with an interest in photography that until now is still learning and needs continuous development.

Life is learning, and as long as we breathe will continue to learn.
I am a native of Malang, a city in East Java, then in the city of Tegal, the capital of Central Java province which is famous for Ngapak for 4 years. And now my journey continues in Tangerang City which is to the west of Jakarta. I really like to write to often participate in various competitions and sometimes write articles both on the blog and in some print media. Besides, I really like photography, singing, and very interested in language and culture. Knowing other cultures is a special love for me, although still more deeply into the culture itself. Why? My country is very rich with a culture that is unfortunate if it is not preserved by the children of his own country.

For all of you who want to know more closely with me, do not hesitate to contact. Through this blog, let's tie together for the sake of world peace. If not us, who else?

Warm regards,