How To Cook Fried Rice Delicious

The best recipe for cooking you can knowing in this Article. I hope you are satisfied with my recipe. See this Article and don't forget to share this Article. I want share about fried rice. In Indonesia you can hear "Nasi Goreng".

Maybe you want need recipe and than you want cooking Simple at home you must knowing this recipe and steps from US.


-Rice 1 plate

-onions and garlic


-oil for cooking

-egg,chicken,fish or up to you for fried rice

How To Make Fried Rice 

  1. First you must put onion,garlic and salt in oil for cooking.
  2. Waiting 1 minute for to be fresh 
  3. Put fried and you can mix all ingredient.
  4. Waiting 5 minutes untill there Is fragrant fresh from fried rice.
  5. Fried rice ready to serve for you eat

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